Ain’t Love Grand?

. . . the love Republican moderates have for themselves, that is. Not all of their constituents are basking in the afterglow following the sell out by the jack ass 14, however. According to the South Carolina Republican Party, the state GOP HQ got 900 phone calls from pissed off Republicans after Senator Lindsey Grahahm put his name on the document allowing Dems to continue fillibustering every conservative in sight.

(Picture this: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid at the podium, saying, “In light of new allegations that Mr. Joe Average once attempted to prepare for his own retirement, has home schooled his children, and once legally purchased a handgun from a federally licensed fire arms dealer at a gun show, we will require at least 60 votes to confirm Mr. Average as the President’s liason to the White House grounds staff. Amen.”

Perhaps some fired-up folks will form some political action committees to get the Republican members of the jack ass 14 out of office when their current terms expire. It goes without saying the Dem members need to go. (Note to Republican high-ups: start promoting a GOP Senate candidate in Arknasas at least a year before the election, don’t wait until the last three weeks.)

Besides damaging some of their political careers (I hope), the agreement not to fillibuster three out of 10 current judicial nominees has certainly done a lot of good for non-judicial nominees, hasn’t it? Take the case of John Bolton, for instance. He barely makes it out of committee only to get fillibustered yesterday.

And why are the lib dems fillibustering him? Because he yells at people who tell him one thing and do another. Because he takes a hard-line stance against communist dicatators. Because he is not afraid to say what he thinks.

(Allegations of Bolton chasing a woman down a Russian hotel hallway in a fit of anger and pounding on her door have turned out to be a bunch of malarky. She is a member of an anti-Bush activist group and was known as a whiner during the time Bolton supposedly chased her ’round. Strange that she didn’t whine about that incident until Bush wanted Bolton for the U.N. rep.)

The Dems don’t like Bolton because he is strongly conservative, opinionated, pro-Second Amendment, doesn’t tolerate a lot of crap, knows what he likes, what he doesn’t, and how he defines right and wrong. In short, he has testicular fortitude and (with the possible exception of Hillary) the Dems don’t. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

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