Odds, Ends, Etc.

There doesn’t seem to be much new going on in the world. At least, nothing reaches out and captures my interest enough for me to waste many keystrokes on it.

The Terry Schiavo autopsy report is in. The chief medical examiner/egghead in charge said Schiavo’s brain had atrophied and weighed about half of what the normal adult brain should. He said she could never have regained normal function no matter how much rehabilitative therapy she was given.

Neal Boortz (who I agree with most of the time, check out his site at http://www.boortz.com) said these findings prove wrong all of us who didn’t want Schiavo killed. He said we were just trying to prevent her natural passing and shouldn’t be worried about trying to sustain the “shell” that Terry Schiavo had become.

As with abortion, Libertarians often fail to grasp the gist of the conservative argument. Terry Schiavo, although brain damaged, was a living human. The judiciary sided with her husband to make her a dead human. Killing someone else, with or without the government’s permission, is what we used to call murder. (This really is starting to sound similiar to an anti-abortion argument.) I don’t have a problem with people having some kind of written document stating that they don’t want to continue to live if they become brain dead, can’t survive without life support, etc. I do have a problem with the gov’t taking Michael Schiavo’s word for what his wife wanted without any additional proof. For details on this case, do a google search.

Congressional Dems are comparing U.S. soldiers to Nazis. The Senate Judiciary Committee is looking into allegations of abuse at Guantanamo Bay, which makes about as much sense as an agriculture group looking into the Columbia shuttle disaster. (Check out Rush Limbaugh’s Club Gitmo T-shirts at http://www.rushlimbaugh.com. They are hilarious.) Howard Dean called GOPers a bunch of white Christians who all think and act the same. Senate Dems are fillibustering John Bolton but refuse to call it a fillibuster.

In short, its the same stuff in different packaging. I hope the lib dems keep it up. They need to let the folks know what they stand for. So long as they keep acting like spoiled twits, their hopes of regaining the presidency or the Senate gets smaller and smaller. Now if only we could convince the Senate Republicans to get out of the fetal position and capitalize on the short sightedness of the lib dems, I could get around to writing about something less likely to polarize people – like whether or not people are predestined for Heaven or Hell, for instance.

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