Some Depressing Tidbits

We trundle on towards socialism in the U.S. in large ways and small.

Take for instance the recent 5-4 ruling of the Supreme Court which states you no longer have any right to your own property. The majority of the Court decided to redefine “public interest” and skewer the Fifth Amendment with one fell swoop. Now, instead of being limited to taking your land for highways, public parks, schools, etc., your friendly state and local governments can throw you out of your own house for building condominiums, apartments, shopping centers, etc.

The Fifth Amendment reads, “. . . nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Somehow, “public use” has been twisted around to “public good” and the public is supposed to benefit more from the larger tax base which comes with a large money making operation like a Wal Mart Supercenter as opposed to a private dwelling. As many have pointed out, this makes churches huge targets for anti-Christian types since churches pay minimal taxes, if any.

Buy your scary-looking guns now, before Clinton’s Crime Bill returns. Whichever party wins the White House in 2008 probably won’t give a rip about the Second Amendment.

Although it’s way early, the front runners in the 2008 election appear to be the Hildebeast and Rudy Giuliani. What a choice for gun owners. The devil or the deep blue sea? Decisions, decisions. Both feel that guns belong only in the hands of the government. Some pundits have been talking about Howard Dean and/or John McCain running as independents. It would truly suck if Hillary got in because weenie McCain siphoned GOP votes away from a decent candidate (or even Rudy G.). Me? I want George Allen and Condie vs. Hillary and John Edwards. I used to jokingly ask if liberals would vote for the first black female presidential candidate or the wife of the first black president. I have since learned that, for liberals, blackness is defined by one’s politics, not the color of one’s skin.

The price of oil continues to rise, Bush hasn’t let Israel blow up Iran’s nuclear reactors (must be more of that “new tone”), and China’s military build-up continues. Its enought to make you hole up in your basement with a stockpile of arms, ammo, and enough Spam to feed a small army. That would last until the government came to raze your house for the new mall’s parking lot. If you offer forceful resistance, you or your loved ones get shot by guys whose guns you helped buy with your tax dollars. Think I’m kidding? Go to

Go buy an AR-15, 1,000 rounds of 5.56, and a batch of 30-round magazines. If you should get pulled over for a traffic violation on your way home from the gun store and the cop notices your armament offer the following:

“What do I need with all this ammo and the gun, sir? Why, there’s a big rock comin’ and I gotta be ready.”

“A big rock?”

“Yes, sir. There’s a big rock comin’ and it’s gonna fall from the sky, wipe out the major cities and change the world as we know it. Only ones left will be the folks out in the country and it’s gonna be dog-eat-dog and only the strong shall survive.”

So long as you aren’t transporting your AR with a loaded magazine locked in, you should be able to slip through most state and local firearms laws. Transporting a loaded weapon is a felony in some places, like Wisconsin. Remember that convicted felons can’t own guns, but I will gladly hold them for you should you be so unlucky as to be brought up on charges and convicted. Your weapons will be safe with me. Promise.

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