What Palin should have said during the 20/20 interview

When the condescending Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin, “Seventy percent of this country supports a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons. Do you?” she gave the wrong response.

While her answer that she did not agree with that sentiment was all well and good, here’s what she should have told her supercilious interviewer: “Actually, the term semi-automatic assault weapon is an oxymoron. In order for a gun to be an assault weapon, it has to be capable of fully-automatic fire, basically turning the weapon into a machine gun with the flick of a switch. These weapons are not readily available to the general public. Actually, the media has done the people a grave disservice by blurring the distinction between semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and military versions of the weapon such as the M16 and M4. We would never send our troops into battle with rifles that only fire one shot with each pull of the trigger, like an AR-15 does. They would be at a distinct disadvantage.”

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