Obama the unbiased, take 2

I deleted my post from earlier this morning, since I found out that Henry Louis Gates, Jr. did indeed present his Harvard ID card when the arresting officer (repeatedly) asked him for some identification. Most of the full story (including links to the police reports) can be found at http://tinyurl.com/m3p48r

The fact remains that a double standard was very much in evidence. After Gates showed the policeman his ID, he continued to yell and scream at the cop, calling him a racist. It’s never a wise move to harass a police officer, whether you are in your own house, on your front porch, or wherever. This led to Gates’ arrest on charges of disorderly conduct.

Would a white guy have been busted by this policeman for doing what Gates did? I’m thinking so. Would our beloved president have criticized the police force for arresting a white guy in a similar situation? I’m thinking not. Does it make perfect sense that Obama is friends with a black guy who seems to have a chip on his shoulder? Oh, yeah.

Watch the clip of Obama from last night at the link in the top ‘graph. His whole condemnation of the police in this instance was centered around Obama’s own racial bias, not the facts of the case. Hope and change, baby.

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