Life in the Sanitarium

Being the comic book nerd that I was back in my misspent youth, I remember reading about Bizarro World in Superman comics. In Bizarro World, up is down, bad is good, stupid is brilliant etc. And folks, that’s where we are right now.

Obama insists that his health care plan will save money. However, the Congressional Budget Office says it will add $230 billion to the federal deficit over the next 10 years. Additionally, the CBO says that Obama will save $2 billion over the same amount of time but the plan itself will cost $1 trillion. Obama says that people will be able to keep their existing health care plans should they so desire. Wrong again. Although couched in esoteric legal-speak, page 16 of the bill says that no new private health insurance policies can be sold after the bill becomes law.

Those who have waded through more of the bill state that you would not be able to make any changes to your existing policies after the bill passes. Such changes would knock your health care policy out of the “grandfather” exemption. Did I mention that you would be penalized by the IRS for not having any health insurance? Oh, and small businesses who don’t provide health insurance will have additional taxes, too.

Ultimately though, this isn’t about health care. This is about the government taking away your freedom to make any kind of choices for yourself and inserting itself into every facet of your life. Huge taxes on guns and ammo for people lawfully purchasing them? You bet, gunshot wounds cost the gov’t money at the health treatment centers. Doubling “sin taxes” on alcohol and cigarettes. Sure, it takes $$ to treat the ailments brought on by such things. Ditto with outrageous taxes on sugary products, fast foods, etc. Surely you didn’t want to keep that money you worked so hard to earn.

Think I’m full of crap? Here’s a precursor of the kind of thing that would take place under the health care reform bill. The cap and trade bill passed by the House a few weeks ago has provisions that would prevent home owners from selling their houses unless they meet a certain energy efficiency standard. Of course, such improvements would force homeowners to raise their selling prices or have a bite taken out of their potential profits. A small price to pay for helping stave off global warming, right?

The only good part out of all of this is that Daddy O’s numbers are falling. Hope and change, baby.

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  1. The legislation being proposed is very deceptive, and the rhetoric I keep hearing doesn't fit the reality of what the end results of passing this thing would be. Its a dangerous bill that will have negative repercussions for years to come.

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