Just Like Athlete’s Foot

The Obama birth certificate thing continues to grow. The White House and MSM alternate between ignoring the issue or ridiculing anyone who brings it up. http://tinyurl.com/km7wmu

Even if you want to ignore the fact that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) posted on various sites around the web looks like a forgery (google it), the fact remains that the COLB can be issued to foreign-born children. http://tinyurl.com/d72ypl

As with many controversies swirling around today, Obama is very much at the root of things. If he would display his original birth certificate, along with all of the other documents he has had sealed, he could dispell much of this. Scroll down a little here http://tinyurl.com/np65ou for a list.

Transparency in action.

1 thought on “Just Like Athlete’s Foot

  1. Obama and his administration are acting secretive, but this issue is a non-starter.

    His mother was a citizen at the time of his birth, making him a natural-born citizen. No matter where he was born.

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