A National Shame

Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, is on the verge of appointing a special prosecutor to look into alleged torture sessions by the CIA. http://tighturl.com/mrc All you left-wingers can stand up and cheer because America is going to regain its status among the terrorist countries by curtailing such “immoral” techniques.

What no one in Obama’s cabal is talking about is the fact that our pres has retained the right of rendition, which allows the CIA to abduct and torture suspected terrorists on foreign soil. http://tighturl.com/mrd

The double standard is disgusting to behold. The news articles portray Holder as a thoughtful, sensitive man who is reluctant to even start such proceedings. In reality, he is just one more liberal attack dog, turning a blind eye to any “torture” techniques sanctioned by his boss while trying to destroy those who applied similar methods of interrogation in the Bush administration.

I wonder if the gov’t agents currently carrying out Obama’s renditions stop to think when they might be prosecuted for the “crimes” they are committing? Obama has set a new precedent – members of a previous administration can be prosecuted by a future administration over anything which might be considered “controversial.”

Maybe Obama can be investigated someday for alleged illegal campaign contributions or working with ACORN to falsify votes in the last election. But I’m not holding my breath.

Hope and change, baby.

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