I Came, I Saw, I Got Flipped Off

You know, for being the Big Tent Party, some of these democrat types aren’t very open to opposing viewpoints.

I had gathered together with some like-minded souls outside of a fund raiser for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln this afternoon in Bella Vista. As conservatives, we were none too pleased that the esteemed congresswoman saw fit to not hold any town hall meetings this month on the subject of health care.

So, we assembled ourselves along the road to the area where the fund raiser was being held, smiling and waving at people driving in to attend while we held signs expressing our displeasure. There was no profanity on the signs, some had slogans like “Say No to Obamacare” while others expressed our irritation at being blown off by Lincoln. (My own sign (borrowed from a friend) did cause me momentary consternation. I was worried there might be a swastika subliminally embedded in the laminate which would only appear when shown on MSNBC.)

Most people driving past would smile and wave back. Some just drove on, staring straight ahead while others shook their heads as the rolled past us. A lady in the passenger’s side of an SUV took exception to us, rolled down her window, and yelled, “F*** all you people!” I told my companion that I wasn’t feeling the love. A little before that, an older gentleman and his wife (in yet another SUV – where is the environmental concern?) drove by and, just after he passed me, flipped me the bird. Not to be outdone, I blew him a kiss.

One of the more picturesque moments came when a woman stumped by and stated, “I don’t agree with you people, so I’m not talking to you.” Her child followed close behind while her husband, looking sheepish, brought up the rear.

As an interesting side note, there were several people who attended the fund raiser at $5 a head and paid us absolutely no heed when we tried to tell them there was parking closer to the event. The vehicles of the protesters took up both sides of the road for some distance to the police barricade, so there appeared to be less parking than there really was. They trudged past us, determined not to be waylaid by our sneaky conservative ways. Shame on us for trying to save them a walk.

Speaking of people who actually attended the event, scuttlebutt was that there were at least as many protesters as attendees, probably more. I have on good authority that 15 of those who paid to line Lincoln’s re-election coffers were on our side, so I think we won the numbers game.

At any rate, Lincoln got into and out of the event without being seen by any of us lining the street. She may have been whizzed out of this shindig by a car taking a side road around the protesters but how she got in is something of a mystery. She was either lying down in the back of a vehicle, was brought in the back via golf cart, or hiked down a goat trail. Whatever the means of transportation, it was obvious she really didn’t want to hear anything about opposing viewpoints.

You just keep on blowing us off Ms. Lincoln. It will make us work all the harder to get you out of office when your term is up.

Hope and change, baby.

1 thought on “I Came, I Saw, I Got Flipped Off

  1. As one of the first there, and ne of the very last to leave, we had a good view of the comings and goings. Our little hearts soared at the hope that this one time, Blanche would at least acknowledge she has voters who were to be seen.

    Such was not the case. Like a thief, she snuck in, and like a maiden caught bathing in a pond, she fled the scene with barely a smile, and nary a wave. Blanche waited until she could be pretty sure the protesters had thinned. We were there from about 3:30 till almost 7. We were a calm, helpful crowd. For those of us unprepared for a long day, others had brought, and shared, water, soda and food.

    So, this was the un-American crowd Blanche so infamously libelled.

    Toawars the end, I did see one of Blanches knights errant talk to one of our members. He bagan by shouting obsentites and making rude gestures, in front of children younger than ten.

    Is this how Blanche Lincoln hopes to engage us? She will refuse to meet with anyone that questions her mighty wisdom, and elcts, instead to allow her rude and nasty supporters to shout obsenities in front of children.

    I then watch the evening news, and there is Blanche, with her select few, saying how she is available for 'constructive' talks and townhalls.

    All I had to say was "what a lying, disgraceful coward!"

    Such luminaries as Arlen Spectre faced his people. It was not pleasant, but at least he had enough spine to sit in front of his voters and hear their legitimate gripes.

    Blanche Lincoln does not see why she should be bothered with criticism.

    So she hides, and sneaks, and slinks, in the best tradition of Brave Sir Robin. (those who have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail will understand. If you haven't seen it, do so, immediately)

    In all, we were friendy, interested, engaging and very VERY American. Blanche has better stop hiding and skulking or this 2010, we will ake her invisibility an issue that will see her defeated by double-digits.

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