You Spin Me ‘Round Baby, Baby, Right ‘Round

Yet another load of crap from the media, a little close to home this time around.,0,685807.story

The bias is in the reporterette’s failure (intentional or otherwise) to get the real reason behind the protesters showing up. Those of us waving American flags and holding signs decrying Obamacare didn’t show up thinking we were going to some open town hall meeting hosted by the genteel Senator Lincoln. We were protesting the fact that Lincoln has had no town hall meetings in northwest Arkansas this month, most likely because we comprise the most conservative corner of the state. (Can anyone tell me if she has had any open town hall meetings since the Senate has been on break?)

We would love to be “engaged and involved” with the political discussion in a “constructive way,” Ms. Lincoln. You just won’t stand still long enough for us to talk to you. If you believed in the health care/health insurance/insert-focus-group-tested-term-here swill you are peddling, I would think you would want to explain the errors of our ways to us. Your failure to engage speaks volumes.

Hope and change.

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