Change or Die

The republican party, on a national level, continues to show that it has learned nothing from McCain’s defeat. Michael Steele has demonstrated that he’s clueless as to what the party base will tolerate from its leaders.

The politicians who seek to win elections through giving up conservative principles fail to realize the republican party has to change or die. If the establishment throws its weight behind another McCain (like Gingrich or Huckabee) in 2012 it will practically be guaranteeing itself a loss. At least one third party conservative candidate will rise up to make sure of it.

If the gop fails to return to its roots, it will die. If the party leaders are unwilling or unable to accompish this return, I wish the party good riddance. The conservative movement will continue to grow. Whether or not the republican party bosses have the sense to ride the crest of that movement remains to be seen.

4 thoughts on “Change or Die

  1. It was just an innocent question. One that I actually have probably asked you before and I think you already answered. It wasn't a trick question or anything. You think the GOP is dead without conservative christian values and I had said previously that the only way the GOP can survive is to trim those ties (but not cut them). Now I am starting to think you are right, except I am starting to think they are both screwed without each other. Dems will continue to win in the GOP does not kiss and make-up with the conservative groups that are feeling betrayed and forgotten. It's the curse of the 2 party system that we can't seem to get a 3rd or 4th party goingin this country.

  2. Conservative does not always equal conservative Christian. The ideals of small gov't and individual empowerment are closely tied to a strong belief in the legitimacy of the Constitution, not necessarily a strong belief in Christ.

    It pains me to say it but I'm willing to let the democrats win for a while until the gop either wises up or fades away.

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