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  1. Neil Cavuto was being a bully. Grayson is absolutely right that it is not appropriate for him to "give a range" or say how much is too much. It is total Bull that Neil or anyone would make wild accusations against Grayson when so many Americans have been screaming about the insanity of bailed out companies and banks giving huge bonuses and screaming for congress or the treasury to do something about it. There were no laws on the books to take such actions. The treasury requested to be given those powers. Congress proposed this bill to give them those powers. Keep in mind that this is only for companies who have accepted taxpayer bail out money. Any company that is making a profit on their own without government help can do whatever they want. You think the Secretary of the Treasury is going to set "Adequate" pay for secretaries? The whole point is to look at what is EXCESSIVE, not determine what is Adequate and then lower pay across the board.

    Seriously, you can push someone to answer a question or call them on the carpet for a non-answer but you don't have to be rude about it. Is this WWE Wrestling where people yell at each other and act tough before they fight? You notice that Neil in all his arrogance never once suggests what he thinks is excessive (other than to agree with $10 million) and he never suggested a range. I would say that Neil is stupid but he knew exactly what he was doing by answering a question in a way that he knew was not appropriate for a Congressman to answer and then turn it around and into paranoid fantasies of "socialism gone wild".

  2. Cavuto was absolutely right when he said that the bill gives the Treasury absolute authority to determine what constitutes excessive salaries or bonuses. What right does the gov't have to set earning limits on people at these companies who aren't in upper management positions? Do you know that many of the companies that took bail outs were forced to do so by the gov't?

    This pay performance thing is really just a shell game to try to keep people from noticing the huge national debt the gov't is wracking up as Obama attempts to turn us into a fascist state.

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