Let’s Clear Something Up About the Socialized Medicine Bill

It has been made clear in the last few days that all of this talk about reconciliation is a bunch of crap. Once the health care bill passes the House, Obama signs it and the dems have their tentacles in one-sixth of the U.S. economy. This just backs that up.

All of these media types talking about Obama’s proposed changes to the bill and potential changes to convince pro-life dems to vote for it – they’re either deluded, ignorant, or both. The Senate bill has to be passed as is by the House in order for it to become law. Why should Obama let the House-passed bill go back to the Senate when he can sign it and declare victory over the evil repubs (and the American people)?

And key democrats are very much aware of their quandary. They seem to be getting desperate.

Don’t get me wrong. There really isn’t any such thing as a moderate Democrat in Congress and they could pass healthcare next week if things don’t go our way. Or a few of them could decide not to take the bullet for Daddy O. and try to retain their seat next year. We’ll see.

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