I Always Wanted to Live in a Socialist State

So now, instead of having to move, the democrats have brought socialism to me.

It’s striking to watch the completely bizarre juxtaposition of lies and truth the dems are offering up. Alcee Hastings of the House Rules Committee admitted that the dems are making up the rules as the go along.

On the other hand, there are scores of his colleagues claiming this legislation will provide coverage to millions of people who don’t have insurance while the truth of the matter is that it will leave millions more uninsured.

Bart Stupak stood there on the House floor tonight and claimed with a straight face that Obama’s executive order would keep federal funds from being used for abortion, knowing full well that the Senate bill he just voted for will trump Obama’s exec order once he signs it into law. And that bill will allow federal funding to be used for abortion.

President Obama himself spun a yarn worth of his vice president when he told us that premiums will fall by 3,000 percent.

The CBO, acting under strict orders from top dems, have scored this monstrosity in such way as to show it as a savings, when in reality, it will drastically increase the deficit. Truthfully, anyone with a fully-functional mind should be able to figure out that you can’t provide a service to more people and have it cost less.

To hell with the truth, the Constitution, and a gov’t that follows the will of the people. This is the age of Obama.

Obama just said that “We rose above politics” in the health care vote tonight when it was the largest power grab by a political party in the history of the nation. The scope and breadth of his lies are breathtaking. He was truthful by omission, however, when he said that the vote answers the dreams of many.

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