The People vs. The State

Wow. I’ve only been following politics for about 10 years but I’ve never seen anything like this before. It is more clear now than ever that there is a battle going on for the future of this country. It is not necessarily between republicans and democrats or even between liberals and conservatives.

It’s about the ruling class imposing its will on what has been referred to as the “country class” or what my grandpa used to call the common man. It’s about trying to maintain the principles this country was founded on instead of gutting the Constitution through the exercise of political brute force in an effort to twist the U.S. into some kind of socialist or fascist state.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

A federal judge strikes the heart from a legally enacted Arizona state law which would help protect its citizens from the threats (physical and financial) of illegal immigration.

The Virginia attorney general decides that police officers have the right to ask for proof of immmigration status during an arrest or traffic stop. (It’s an example of how far we have slid away from common sense that this is even an issue.)

Another federal judge rules that Virginia’s lawsuit to keep the federal gov’t from subjecting citizens of that state to its mandatory coverage laws can go forward.

Missouri overwhelmingly passes a law stating that its residents aren’t subject to the federal gov’t’s univeral health insurance mandate.

A federal judge overturns a legally enacted California state law which said marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Our current situation may be best summed in the words of an Arizona sheriff, “Our own government has become our enemy.”

Putting the republicans back in power this year won’t resolve the situation. There are far too many of them who don’t understand the stakes in this contest. They are still trying to play the same old political game. The Tea Partiers and those like them have to be willing to commit to the long haul, to take back the republican party and use it as a force for change to reclaim our country and reestablish the rule of law before it is far too late.

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