Bad Day to be an Obama

The wheels are coming off the dem’s campaign go cart in large fashion.

First, you have Mrs. Imam Obama campaigning inside a polling place. We’re not even talking about within however many yards. We’re talking about inside the polling place. You know the Tea Party will have a field day with this. I know I will.

As a member of the ruling class, I’m sure Mrs. Imam doesn’t see the problem. Robert Gibbs, the Imam’s press secretary, certainly didn’t when he said, “I don’t think it would be much to imagine, the First Lady might support her husband’s agenda.” That’s awesome. What other excuses for criminal activity can be invented along those same lines?

“It’s perfectly reasonable that a drug dealer might try to flush the evidence. He wouldn’t actually want to be incarcerated.”

“Yes, my client threatened the witness, your honor. Of course we don’t want him to testify.”

“Why wouldn’t dead people vote democrat? Their votes would just go to waste, otherwise.”

Oh, and did I mention that a federal judge said the states’ lawsuits against Obama Imamcare can proceed? Just in time to give the conservatives more talking points for the election season.


4 thoughts on “Bad Day to be an Obama

  1. What is the penalty for this crime? Is it a fine? Does the law apply to polling places on non-election days? Is it still considered a polling place even if people are there for absentee ballots prior to an election day? Is that what they meant by “Early Vote”?

    • Given that we’re talking about a member of the ruling class committing a campaign violation in Chicago, I’m surprised the story got reported at all. Pesky Drudge Report.

  2. Seriously though, I don’t believe any law was broken unless they asked Michelle to stop and she refused. Then they could legally ask her to leave or have her escorted out and arrested. Also, if no one there files a complaint then she will never be charged with a crime, and no one filed a complaint as far as I can tell. Matt Drudge should just go back to posting links to other peoples stories. That is what he does best, and may be all he is actually capable of doing correctly.

    • Dude, are you getting dizzy from all the spinning you’re trying to do? Now you’re saying a law can only broken if the person committing the crime won’t stop? Drudge’s story pointed up the fact the Mrs. Imam was either ignorant of the law regarding polling places or was ignoring it. For more detail on the law go to No one said she was going to be charged with anything. And in Chicago she never will be.

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