A Little Too Little But Not Too Late

What would you say if I told you there was a genuine, honest-to-goodness conservative who wanted to put control of the government back in the hands of the people of Arkansas District 3? What if this fella had an idea for an innovative new way to get direct feedback from his constituents, to allow them to log onto a website and vote on important pieces of legislation and he would then act according to their wishes?

The answer is simple, Gen. Bernie Skoch (retired) loses to local RINO Steve Womack in the primary. Don’t let anyone tell you that sign stealing is without its merits. Yeah, this was months ago but I’m supposed to be a bitter clinger, right? Here are parts one and two of a Bernie Skoch townhall from last year, just to give you an idea of what the man stands for.

It’s not all crappy, though. Gen. Skoch took what he learned in the primary and went on to start Conservative Arkansas, a conservative PAC. If you live here in the Natural State (and even if you don’t) and have any interest in reclaiming your country from the ruling class, this is a group you seriously need to check out.

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