Update on What Obama is Shoveling

Wow, the hole Obama is digging for himself keeps getting deeper. He has known that “shovel-ready” projects didn’t exist since last year but the Imam and his boys have been lying about these mythical trenches butressing the economy until at least this June. This is what the $862 billion stimulus was supposed to be used for! Where is all of that money really being spent? Maybe the new Congress will have the guts to launch a real investigation.

1 thought on “Update on What Obama is Shoveling

  1. We had a “stimulus” project here in Boise county this summer supossedly intended to provide jobs for our county citizens. It was to install 2 miles of deer fence along our mountain highway to reduce the number of car/deer collisions here. So some yokel gets this $800,000 (yes, almost a million dollars), to install this bright shiny 8 feet tall fence along a SCENIC designated highway (how’d they get permission to do THAT?), and hires an outside company to do it, who then fell behind budget and abandoned the project as soon as the $800,000 was spent. So now we have roughly 2 miles of three quarters finished eyesore on our scenic highway, along a section where deer/car collisions ARE NOT as high as other sections of road, using funds earmarked to create jobs for LOCAl citizens (so why’d they hire an outside company?), that could have been better spent from a safety standpoint on upgrading our emergency and trauma response system. A million bucks could have done a lot for our county’s emergency response system, created jobs, and saved more lives than just a couple of deer (deer/car collisions are not usually even fatal to humans here). All done courtesy of the “bright”, nonlocal, tree-hugging enviro boys who suddenly have lots of (our) money to burn…

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