4 thoughts on “Obama Tells Republicans To Sit in the Back

  1. Republicans in the back seat, that’s cute. But I don’t think he was talking about you. YOU sir would have your choice of the trunk or the luggage rack. Or he would tell you to walk or call a cab. 🙂

    • The more Obama talks, the more he fires up people on the right. He needs to keep that jaw flapping, preferably in front of a microphone.

  2. I agree to a certain degree, except I think he is also firing up people in the middle and the left. I’m just not sure if the reality of the outcome is always what he hopes. The ratio of “turning for him” to “turning against him” may not be better than a 1 to 1 ratio. Which basically leaves “The car” of his pro-democrat campaign still spinning it’s wheels.

  3. It was nice (a little boring at times) to see Obama on the Daily Show Wednesday night, without his Teleprompter. When he talks like that he sounds a lot more like the SNL skit they do of him. His over all message seemed to be “Real change takes time” with a side of “Things were already pretty bad when I came into office”.

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