Harry Reid’s Name Is Pre-Selected on Nevada Voting Machines

There has already been at least one incident of voter fraud in Nevada. Similar problems are reported in North Carolina. Clearly, the democrats need to talk to whoever is writing their vote-stealing software. The democrats’ names are supposed to be selected after the voter has cast his ballot, not beforehand.

The funny part of the Nevada story is where the registrar says we have to trust the system. Hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Harry Reid’s Name Is Pre-Selected on Nevada Voting Machines

  1. This is just another incident that boggles the mind. Do the Dems think we are actually so dumb we won’t notice or do they think we’ll be intimidated into not saying anything? That almost ranks right up there with illegals voting. Almost. I’ve been wondering lately what part of “illegal” do the Dems in power not understand? I guess if it’s them, “illegal” doesn’t apply since they have charged themselves with the responsibility of thinking for the rest of us poor dumb voters.

  2. Well, it is convenient for roughly half of the voters, right? Right? 🙂

    Plus I thought most of the Touchscreen voting machines were made by Diebold, a company with strong ties to the Republican party. At least the new machines print a copy of your vote now.

    The shoe is on the other foot and now the other side knows how it feels to have people think you were crazy for being worried about voter fraud when the error was in favor of a Republican candidate.

  3. Just pointing out how crazy it sounds to say “What if the people running the elections are purposely trying to fool people and influence their vote?” It’s a genuine fear, but it runs both ways. Everyone should be concerned about potential voter fraud no matter which side brings it up. The fact that the machine actually allowed these people to easily correct the vote before they place it is comforting. I seem to recall an incident where touchscreen machines would “jump” to the other candidate when a voter selected their choice. No, I don’t recall details unfortunately. Maybe someone else recalls when and where that happened.

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