Unions = Kryptonite?

Me, my spouse, and about eight other kindred souls watched Waiting for Superman tonight in Rogers. Wow, eye-opening stuff.

The film runs about 90 minutes, documenting the abject failure of government on every level when it comes to equipping our kids for the future. What is one of the major obstacles to serious education reform? The unions. As part of the contracts schools have with the unions, teachers gets tenure after two years. (My mom tells me it used to be three years in Oklahoma.) After that, it doesn’t matter if the teacher is awesome or if he couldn’t teach a squirrel to do a backflip, it’s almost impossible to fire the sucker.

Why is it that government social programs prove to be massively ineffective time after time but people keep coming back to our gov’t to give us the answers? Why do we want our politicians to give us everything from education to health care when they can’t even tie their own shoe laces? The best educational ideas aren’t provided as part of some gov’t mandate but rather are created at schools created outside of the system, like those in the KIP Program.

As with most every other problem facing the U.S. today, big gov’t and its enablers, like the unions, needs to be pushed out of the way for real positive change to happen.

On a side note, did you know Obama and the dems killed D.C.’s voucher program shortly after coming into office? To hell with the kids. It’s all about the money and the power.

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