Proud to be an American

As promised, Barack Hussein Obama is doing his best to make America respected in the world once more.

  • To this end, he has weakened our military by allowing openly gay individuals to enlist, ignoring the majority opinion of troops in the front lines of combat. (They are only dumb grunts, so what do they know, right?)
  • He smiles and nods acquiescence when Russian politicians tell him one-sided arms treaties can’t be changed.
  • Obama appoints a director of the National Intelligence Agency so competent and qualified for his position that he is completely unaware of terrorists arrests by a country that was once one of our closest allies.
  • Instead of looking among the age/ethnic group from which the enemy predominantly comes, Muslim men between the ages of 17 and 40, Obama creates a system where everyone can either be subjected to a full-body search or let government employees see you naked. Billions of dollars spent and it doesn’t even work.

As Americans, we can all hold our heads high thanks to the gallant efforts of B.H.O. to advance our standing in the world. I know I’m proud.

3 thoughts on “Proud to be an American

  1. …and he has the Congress to thank for at least half of what you listed. Don’t they get any of the credit/blame? I’m sure a few GOP members had to vote “yes” to get it to his desk. What about the extension of the Bush tax cuts? You also forgot Congress passed food-safety and child-nutrition laws and a long overdue measure to aid 9/11 first responders.

  2. The RINOs in the Senate can shoulder a lot of the blame for helping Obama’s dreams become reality. The votes of folk like McCain and Scott Brown help illustrate why liberal repubs suck.

    It is fun to watch Obama and his mouthpieces suddenly saying low taxes are good things, after blaming Bush’s tax cuts for everything wrong in the world. However, the congress critters tacked on almost a trillion dollars worth of pork, more than 90% of which goes to benefit dems. If the repubs had a few more balls in their court, they would have made more noise about this, even if they don’t have the votes to stop it.

    The new food safety laws are just more layers of unneeded regulation designed to give the feds more control over our lives. At least the GOP got an exemption for small businesses, but this could still be stripped out in committee.

    Just a few more examples of the repub’s epic fail in this lame duck session.

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