The ‘Bamster’s Birth Certificate or Lack Thereof

It just keeps getting better. When Neil Abercrombie, liberal dem, was recently elected governor or Hawaii, he promised to release more information on Obama’s birth certificate and settle this whole “birther” issue once and for all.

Well, he doesn’t seem to be able to find it. There are apparently records in the state’s archives that pertain to Obama’s birth, but the long-form birth certificate created when babies are born on the islands can’t be located quite yet.

This is worth keeping an eye on.

It makes you wonder why the governor doesn’t just ask the director of the state department of health where the original long-term birth certificate is. After all, this was the guy who said that he had seen it.

1 thought on “The ‘Bamster’s Birth Certificate or Lack Thereof

  1. This is so funny! I wonder where it is and what is on it that Mr. Obama has spent millions in lawyers’ fees to keep hidden…somewhere. The Mystery of the Missing Birth Certificate.

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