A Quick Review

Conservatism is often described in the press as an idealogy defined by what it opposes. It’s actually more accurate to define conservatism by what it espouses, not what it rejects.

What follows are a few reasons why I am a conservative. Take them for what they’re worth.

  • I believe life begins at conception. To say that life begins at some point following conception but before the baby is delivered is arbitrary and nonsensical.
  • I believe a mother has no more right to kill her child than anyone else does.
  • I believe I can read the Constitution and do not need a judge to tell me what it does or does not say.
  • I believe judges do not need to consult the laws of other countries to interpret the U.S. Constititution.
  • I believe freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion.
  • I believe the Declaration of Independence when it states that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.
  • I believe that government does not have the power to grant us these rights nor does it have the power to take them away.
  • I believe businesses exist to make money and that the creation of jobs is a pleasant side effect.
  • I believe it is not the responsibility of business to prop up the government.
  • I believe taxes should be levied equally on a percentage basis to everyone, regardless of income.
  • I believe the 10th Amendment exists and means what it says.
  • I believe the U.S. Constitution was written for Americans.
  • I believe illegal aliens are in the country illegally.
  • I believe firearms are not inherently evil.
  • I believe evil can only be defeated by force, not by trying to show that we mean it no harm.
  • I believe more government is not the answer.
  • I believe corporations are not inherently evil and the government is not inherently good.
  • I believe racists denigrate people in a desperate attempt to feel better about themselves.
  • I believe affirmative action is a institutionalized racism.

1 thought on “A Quick Review

  1. A well-written and thoughtful piece. The Constitution is the structure upon which this Nation was built. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote it. If one part of our Constitution is disregarded, soon another part will be, then it will be whittled down so that we have no structure at all and this wonderful country will collapse into nothingness. Thanks for putting into words what I believe and what many other patriotic Americans believe.

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