Something Stinks in Arkansas

And it’s not just the chicken houses.

For years now Arkansas legislators have been supplementing their regular monthly income with a little extra money doled out under the table. They have been handing in expense reimbursement invoices without any proof of the actual expenses incurred. In some cases, the billing entity with its name on the invoice is a LLC owned by the legislator’s spouse. In other instances, the invoice shows the legislator as a DBA that is billing the state for expenses incurred while providing services to himself.

Sound a little convoluted? It is but Conservative Arkansas Executive Director Bernie Skoch did a fine job summing it up for some folks in Springdale this morning. (Conservative Arkansas is spunky little PAC based in the northwest corner of the state that seems to do a good job hacking off politicians of all political persuasions.)[mp3j track=”″]

It’s a short listen. Please take five minutes and see what you think of the legislators’ little reimbursement scheme, then check out the website devoted to this issue for more information.

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