A Primary Alternative

Did you notice how Steve Womack, the newly-elected congresscritter for northwest Arkansas, voted on the debt ceiling deal? He towed that party line and voted for Boehner’s deal, opening the door for trillions more in debt to accumulate over the next several years.

As a conservative, is this what you want to see from your elected representative, one more member of the political machine who tows the party line and doesn’t give a flip what you think or why you put him in office?

Some of use are trying to convince Air Force Gen. Bernie Skoch to run for Womack’s seat next year. In 2010, Skoch was the only one of the candidates who would have put a system in place to get direct feedback from the folks in his district. Skoch’s beliefs echo those of the political action committee he founded, Conservative Arkansas. You can use the players at the bottom of the page to hear one of his stump speeches from Fayetteville a couple of years ago to hear what he stands for in his own words.

Want to draft Skoch? Send him an email at k5xs@aol.com and let him know.

[mp3j track=”http://manosmeadows.com/skoch/audio//Skoch_townhall_8-22-09_part1.mp3″]

[mp3j track=”http://manosmeadows.com/skoch/audio//Skoch_townhall_8-22-09_part2.mp3″]

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