Somebody Get Them a Room

As a conservative, I expect a certain amount of liberal bias from the moderator in any given presidential or vice presidential debate. A Republican walking into a debate situation has to know from the outset that he or she will need to take on his/her opponent and the moderator in order to win. So when Candy Crowley gave Obama three minutes more time than Romney received last night, I figured that was pretty much par for the course. When she told Romney at least twice that he would get a chance to respond but never gave him those chances, I thought it was kind of slimy but not unexpected.

However, I’m still irked over Crowley covering for Obama’s blatant lie when he claimed to have labeled the Libya embassy attack an act of terror the day after it happened. Obama wants people to forget that he blamed an anti-Muslim video when he went on Letterman and when he addressed the U.N., plus he had an assistant secretary of state, Susan Rice, blame the video when she went on a number of news shows a few days after the attack. For at least a day or two after the attack, Obama was still blaming the video while the state dept was starting to say it was an act of terrorism.

Romney probably should have phrased his question differently after Obama’s lie about the terror attack. Instead of drawing Crowley into it and giving her a chance to cover for her man, Romney should have quickly gone on the attack, citing some of the facts above. A missed opportunity but the next debate will focus on foreign policy, so there is time for a do-over. We’ll see if Obama has started bombing Libya by then.

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