Setting The Record Straight

The signs of an impending spring are have already arrived here in Northwest Arkansas. The air isn’t quite as chill, some foolhardy plants are beginning to blossom, and campaign signs are thick as last year’s unraked oak leaves as they bristle from every street corner and intersection.

Although they may seem haphazardly placed, there is actually a science to putting up campaign signs and candidates vie for prime locations. Representative Jana Della Rosa, the Republican incumbent for Arkansas House District 90, makes a point to always ask permission from the property owner before putting any of her signs up. Some of her opponents don’t always show the same courtesy.

Below is the unedited audio of two phone calls made by Patsy Wootton, Della Rosa’s mother, to the Rogers Police Department about two weeks ago. One of Della Rosa’s supporters (who had give her permission to post signs) found that an opponent of hers was putting signs on his property without permission. He called Della Rosa and word got passed to Wootton. So, she drove up to check it out.

Unedited Call Audio

Della Rosa’s opponent and some of his big money supporters have since tried to twist this into Wootton calling 911 in an effort to force him to take down his signs (she didn’t) or say that Wootton was stalking the guy all around Rogers (the police asked her to meet them at the guy’s location so she wound up having to follow him for a bit).

You have to think Della Rosa’s opposition is getting a little desperate and perhaps just a bit nervous when they start resorting to this kind of thing. Perhaps they are afraid they can’t win on the merits of their arguments?

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