Obama and God

A few random thoughts regarding our commander in chief and the Almighty, which may or may not mean anything to anyone . . .

Obama didn’t use a Bible during his do-over of the swearing-in ceremony. (I must be one of the bitter clingers described in the article.)

Obama referred to the U.S. as one of the “largest Muslim countries.” Maybe he was talking about the comparative landmass of countries containing Muslims? At any rate, if allah is the god which presides over sharia law, he is a different creature than the Christian God.

Mr. Obama had intended to provide a non-religious Christmas at the White House this year in an effort to promote “inclusiveness.” America was founded as and remains a Christian nation matter how badly Barry wants to hide the fact.

Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor, espouses black liberation theology. This belief system teaches that black people are God’s chosen and God must help the black man destroy the evil white man. Not exactly a god of love.

Why does the One espouse these beliefs? Maybe it is because he was raised as a Muslim and equates Christianity with British rule in his father’s homeland of Kenya. Maybe it’s because he is a product of the liberal establishment and sees Christianity and its knuckle-dragging adherents as being at the root of society’s ills.

At any rate, food for thought when you sit and wonder what in the world may be motivating the architect of hopenchange.

Here’s a Shocker

Maybe Feldblum can get together with Jennings and push for gov’t-sponsored sexual encounter groups made of middle-aged adults and junior high students. This might run contrary to the wishes of the imams, however. Daddy O. can’t run the risk of offending a non-Christian faith. Besides, that kind of perversion wouldn’t lend credence to O.’s claim that we are a Muslim nation.