Obama’s Gang Seeks To Go Too Far

Like they aren’t trying to undo the fabric of our republic, anyway.

In this case, Obama’s crew is trying to punish Christians for opposing the administration’s pro-homosexual agenda by limiting tax exemptions for donations to religious organizations. If they succeed in getting this through, they could be inviting more than the usual “unforeseen consequences.”

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t “call out” God, daring God to take action against you by intentionally striking out at Him or His people is a recipe for disaster. By no means am I advocating or predicting violence against Obama or his people. What I’m saying is that spitting in God’s eye has historically been proven to be a very bad idea. (As a matter of fact, there are many people who say that Obama’s presidency is part of God’s judgment of America; however, just because God uses a person or a group as an agent of His judgment doesn’t exempt that agent from facing divine wrath himself.)

If God so chooses, the individuals in this administration could be opening themselves up for consequences none of us could have ever predicted. Just ask Pharaoh (see Exodus 9).

Here’s a Shocker

Maybe Feldblum can get together with Jennings and push for gov’t-sponsored sexual encounter groups made of middle-aged adults and junior high students. This might run contrary to the wishes of the imams, however. Daddy O. can’t run the risk of offending a non-Christian faith. Besides, that kind of perversion wouldn’t lend credence to O.’s claim that we are a Muslim nation.