Will a Republican Majority Compromise?

Darrell Issa, R-CA, doesn’t sound like he gets it. As Rush says, we aren’t voting the Republicans into power so they can compromise with Imam Obama and his 40 Czars. We want Obama stopped at every turn and legislation peeled back if it’s humanly possible. Issa talks about “Republican principles.” Their principles haven’t given us crap. Let’s put some conservative principles back into action. Continue reading

An Ounce of Flesh

Rush Limbaugh loves professional football. The gov’t controlled media and liberal talking heads have just destroyed his dream of being able to (at least partially) own a NFL team, due in large part to slandering his character with a manufactured quotes. I could be wrong but I suspect Rush is going to get some payback, although it could be months before we start to see how.

If I were among the key figures responsible for this, I would stop gloating and start to realize that the single most influential person in the conservative movement has just become my personal enemy. Rush has the money to proceed with legal action against those involved while digging up stuff on them that they thought only their high school girlfriends knew. Actually, he aired some of Rick Sanchez’s dirty laundry today. I think they picked a fight with the wrong former fatty.