I’m Running Out of Words

I don’t know how to describe Obama’s latest attacks on the American people without sounding like a genuine headcase, the same kind of right-wing extremist detailed by leftist pundits in the media. The most I can do is go through the facts and let them speak for themselves.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, has said that a serious crisis should never go to waste. The White House predicts nearly 100,000 could die of swine flu.

Enemies of the United States have nothing to fear should they be captured by American troops.

The real enemies are within, as the White House deems protesters low level terrorists. Special interrogation squads will be formed, to be controlled by the White House.

The stage is being set for the gov’t to violently suppress civil disobedience and unrest. Obama is desperately trying to keep us in perpetually crisis mode so the thoughtless masses will scream for him to do something. He will be only too happy to oblige.