Don’t Feel Lonely

Today, Rasmussen reports that 71 percent of likely voters are angry at the federal gov’t. Why in the world could this be happening, with our first post-racial president firmly in control of the massive ship of state?

It can’t have anything to do with the White House completely dismissing anything that doesn’t fit its template, like Climate Gate, for instance.

It can’t coincide with Obama bowing down to every world leader except the Queen of England and the Israeli prime minister.

It couldn’t be that some of us were miffed when Obama denigrated hundreds of thousands of tea partiers and his flunkies branded our entire movement as an arm of the republican party.

It surely can’t be because Obama insists on giving terrorists the rights of citizens.

It can’t be because the best of our military personnel are brought up on charges for bloodying a known terrorist and killer.

It isn’t because we are having socialized medicine crammed down our throats.

It must not be due to Holder insisting the gov’t honor contracts with ACORN after the group has proven itself to be totally corrupt and determined to put dems in office by any means necessary.

There are other items I could mention but the fact remains that no rational person could have any idea why almost three quarters of America is riled up about our present administration.

Wait, I know. It must be that fear mongering Fox News . . .

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just a Right-Wing Terrorist

Obama’s promise to “end the politics is division” was proven to be a lie quite some time back. Now we have this.

Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign/grassroots group, refers to those of us who dare to voice disapproval with the One’s agenda of socialized medicine as “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists.” If you have the guts to attend a tea party or speak your peace at a town hall meeting, you’re a member of the “anti-democratic forces of hate.” If you stand up for smaller government and more self-responsibility, then you’re a mindless robot “whipped to a frenzy” by Fox News.

It’s the typical politics of the left: demonize your enemy by attempting to reduce him to an extremist cariacture that can be easily dismissed by the public. What they fail to understand this time around is that, by and large, we ARE the public.

Stick that hope and change in your crack pipe and smoke it.