Once upon a time, I was in a little jazz trio. We even came up with a cool name – Three Blind Mice. After a while, we decided to add a singer but couldn’t come up with a better name. So much for truth in advertising.

We played a few gigs and had some good times but all good things come to an end and so it was with our little jazz group. These demo songs aren’t really our best work but they give you an idea of what we sounded like. Hey, offer us enough $$ and we will reunite for your birthday party.

Three Blind Mice was Julie Lonon, vocals; Don Nichols, piano and keyboard; Matt Manos, bass; and Heath England, drums. The tunes were recorded and mixed by Ramey Herren in the Spring Creek Studio of ViaMedia Productions, Inc.*

All of Me

Killing Me Softly

Girl From Ipanema

A Child Is Born

My Funny Valentine

*None of these individuals (except Matt) necessarily endorse any of the views espoused on the rest of this website.