academic double speak

In reading through Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s statement
regarding the incident involving himself, the president, and Sgt. James Crowley, a few things stood out to me.

1. Gates buys into and/or promotes the idea that whites in Americas were fearful of blacks until they overcame these age old biases enough to vote for Obama, the harbinger of hope and change. Whites and blacks have been working together for a long time now and this isn’t the first time a black person has been elected to a high office or achieved a large measure of success. Don’t tell Gates.

2. Since he and Crowley are just characters in a narrative, they can’t be responsible for their own actions. Seeing people as members of groups, instead of as individuals, is typical of liberals. It seems to be part of the rational behind doing things for the good of the collective of sub-collectives, instead of getting out of the way of the individual.

3. Gates talks about Obama being able to bridge age-old differences. What differences is he talking about? Are we to assume he means issues between black people and members of law enforcement? Where do black cops fit into his world view? When does he get past the stereotype enough to see the person?

4. In the last ‘graph, Gates says he has spent his entire career trying to bridge differences and promote understanding. I guess this goes out the window after a white cop asks you for ID when someone reports a possible break-in at your house. Certainly he was trying to build a bridge when Gates talked about “whitey” sitting in judgement on his application to Yale.

And the left went nuts when Glenn Beck called Obama a racist. Please.

Hope and change, baby!

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