A National Shame

Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, is on the verge of appointing a special prosecutor to look into alleged torture sessions by the CIA. http://tighturl.com/mrc All you left-wingers can stand up and cheer because America is going to regain its status among the terrorist countries by curtailing such “immoral” techniques.

What no one in Obama’s cabal is talking about is the fact that our pres has retained the right of rendition, which allows the CIA to abduct and torture suspected terrorists on foreign soil. http://tighturl.com/mrd

The double standard is disgusting to behold. The news articles portray Holder as a thoughtful, sensitive man who is reluctant to even start such proceedings. In reality, he is just one more liberal attack dog, turning a blind eye to any “torture” techniques sanctioned by his boss while trying to destroy those who applied similar methods of interrogation in the Bush administration.

I wonder if the gov’t agents currently carrying out Obama’s renditions stop to think when they might be prosecuted for the “crimes” they are committing? Obama has set a new precedent – members of a previous administration can be prosecuted by a future administration over anything which might be considered “controversial.”

Maybe Obama can be investigated someday for alleged illegal campaign contributions or working with ACORN to falsify votes in the last election. But I’m not holding my breath.

Hope and change, baby.

Divided We Will Fall

We live in interesting times. Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the free world, is drawing up strategies targeting anyone who dares raise a voice against his socialist and totalitarian policies.

Obama hasn’t called for any kind of compromise or shared vision. He tells his critics to “get out of the way.” http://tighturl.com/mnu As usual, he never goes into specifics, so you don’t know exactly who he is talking about. Maybe he is trying to tie into the mantra that the gop is somehow responsible for vocal protests at health care town halls. The gop, on a national level, is completely incapable of anything so “radical.” Such a move would surely alienate some voters somewhere and they couldn’t have that.

White House officials told their pet democrat congressmen that they will “push back twice as hard” if anyone dares run ads against elected officials who support the health care plan. http://tighturl.com/mnv The only ads which would be bought to contest this gov’t health care take over would be run by independent groups, making common American citizens Obama’s political enemies. And let’s not forget Obama’s efforts to form a truth squad to report anyone who doesn’t buy into his health care lies. http://tighturl.com/mnx

Obama now has the tactic of sending goon squads to health care town hall meetings. Kenneth Gladney was attacked by union thugs outside the town hall meeting held by Russ Carnahan, D-MO, on Aug. 6. He seemed to offend the union members by virtue of being a black man handing out Don’t Tread on Me flags. http://tighturl.com/mnz There are other stories of union thugs being let into meeting halls in advance of the public and closing down the meetings when the people ask too many questions of their “betters.” At a town hall meeting in Arkansas, union thugs were right up in people’s faces with video cameras anytime someone asked a question. They wanted to be sure you couldn’t speak out without intimidation and the fear of retaliation.

These creeps aren’t going to take my country away while I remain silent. There’s a town hall meeting in my neck of the woods in about a week and I plan to be there. I think I’ll bring a video camera of my own.

What, You Want a Right to Privacy and Be Able to Choose Your Own Doctor, Too?

Obama is on a roll.

Intentionally or not, gov’t lawyers put language in the Cash for Clunkers user agreement for car dealers denying them any privacy on the computer used to log into the gov’t’s system. Then, we have an announcement on the White House web site asking people to report anyone spreading “disinformation” about Obama’s health care plan.

Now, we have this. http://tighturl.com/md6

I suggest two things: burn up the phone lines to your congress critters and learn how to use Truecrypt. http://www.truecrypt.org/

Hope and change.

I’m Not Paranoid . . .

I know they’re after me.

So, after preaching unification and solidarity during the campaign, this is how Obama is going to bring us together? http://www.tighturl.com/m88 I can feel the love.

Rush Limbaugh is being proved right once again. He always said that liberals can’t argue the facts. That is certainly on display here, as Daddy O seeks to intimidate his opposition into silence.

Speaking of Chicago thug tactics, check this out: http://www.tighturl.com/m89 I need to credit Issa for having some testosterone. Previously, I had thought that Coburn was the only man among ’em in the congressional gop.

At any rate, remind me to change my e-mail address every day or two to avoid federal monitoring.

Hope and change, baby!

Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate appears

A copy of what is purported to be Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate is at http://tinyurl.com/lsknpx If it is real, this is huge.

For now, I’m more inclined to believe a Kenyan birth certificate I can see than a Hawaiian long-form birth certificate that I can’t. The short form that has been posted on the web is available to foreign born nationals, rendering it meaningless for establishing where Obama was born.

Let’s see how this unfolds.

Birth Certificate Controversy Gains Ground

It’s getting better all the time.

Well, parts of it. National Review is finally starting to pay some attention to the birth certificate controversy. I’m not so quick to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii but this article http://tinyurl.com/ljhkrd points up a lot of the concerns we crazy conservatives have about our current president. The article is lengthy but well-written and well worth the read.

Hope and change, baby!

What About the Patriot Act?

Wasn’t the Patriot Act supposed to be the ultimate invasion of privacy? Somebody tell Obama to back off on the computer monitoring thing or he will show up Bush as supposedly being the worst violator of privacy/civil rights in American history.

Here’s what a car dealer has to agree to when he or she tries to take part in the Cash for Clunkers program. http://tinyurl.com/ngpsz7

Actually, I didn’t believe this until I saw it myself. A friend of mine sent me photos of the TV screen when Beck had a segment on this a night or two ago. I thought there must have been some kind of phishing site set up, that the gov’t would not honestly ask anyone to agree to such a complete invasion of their privacy. I grossly underestimated Obama’s “audacity.” There doesn’t seem to be a lot of “hope” involved here, however.

academic double speak

In reading through Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s statement http://tinyurl.com/mdvrow
regarding the incident involving himself, the president, and Sgt. James Crowley, a few things stood out to me.

1. Gates buys into and/or promotes the idea that whites in Americas were fearful of blacks until they overcame these age old biases enough to vote for Obama, the harbinger of hope and change. Whites and blacks have been working together for a long time now and this isn’t the first time a black person has been elected to a high office or achieved a large measure of success. http://tinyurl.com/nttwbp http://tinyurl.com/l6km2e Don’t tell Gates.

2. Since he and Crowley are just characters in a narrative, they can’t be responsible for their own actions. Seeing people as members of groups, instead of as individuals, is typical of liberals. It seems to be part of the rational behind doing things for the good of the collective of sub-collectives, instead of getting out of the way of the individual.

3. Gates talks about Obama being able to bridge age-old differences. What differences is he talking about? Are we to assume he means issues between black people and members of law enforcement? Where do black cops fit into his world view? When does he get past the stereotype enough to see the person?

4. In the last ‘graph, Gates says he has spent his entire career trying to bridge differences and promote understanding. I guess this goes out the window after a white cop asks you for ID when someone reports a possible break-in at your house. Certainly he was trying to build a bridge when Gates talked about “whitey” sitting in judgement on his application to Yale. http://tinyurl.com/nbgx2h

And the left went nuts when Glenn Beck called Obama a racist. Please.

Hope and change, baby!

I don’t know where to start

If anyone can find out anything more on this, please let me know. It looks like our supreme leader’s handlers just laid the smack down on a couple of cops for running a background check on him. Seriously, has it always been against the rules to subject the president to the same scrutiny as anyone else?


Just Like Athlete’s Foot

The Obama birth certificate thing continues to grow. The White House and MSM alternate between ignoring the issue or ridiculing anyone who brings it up. http://tinyurl.com/km7wmu

Even if you want to ignore the fact that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) posted on various sites around the web looks like a forgery (google it), the fact remains that the COLB can be issued to foreign-born children. http://tinyurl.com/d72ypl

As with many controversies swirling around today, Obama is very much at the root of things. If he would display his original birth certificate, along with all of the other documents he has had sealed, he could dispell much of this. Scroll down a little here http://tinyurl.com/np65ou for a list.

Transparency in action.