Faulty Math

I’ve always been kinda math phobic, so it may well be that I’m just missing something here.

The Congressional Budget Office has just come out with the estimated price tag for the socialized health care bill coming out of the Senate Finance Committee. What I want to know is how do you spend $829 billion over 10 years to reduce the federal deficit $10 billion when we are already broke, with a $1.4 trillion deficit and $772 billion owed to the Chinese?

And if $121 billion is coming from new taxes on health care industries, where is the remaining $708 billion coming from? I’m thinking taxes on the so-called rich isn’t going to cover the spread. Middle class types will find themselves facing more new taxes in some way, shape, or form to cover the difference. Will health care industries be allowed to pass on these expense of their extra taxes, somehow? If so, the middle class feels the hit. If not, there will be extensive layoffs in these industries.

Either way, power will continue to be consolidated at the federal level, so Obama wins in the end. Hope and change, baby.

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