Somebody Get Them a Room

As a conservative, I expect a certain amount of liberal bias from the moderator in any given presidential or vice presidential debate. A Republican walking into a debate situation has to know from the outset that he or she will need to take on his/her opponent and the moderator in order to win. So when Candy Crowley gave Obama three minutes more time than Romney Continue reading

That Didn’t Take Long

A certain board member of the Conservative Arkansas political action committee tweated the following this morning:

Not long after that, leftists on Twitter started posting stuff like this. We should rename tactics like these the Rahm Emanuel doctrine.

Walker Recall Petition Fraud Is Just Business As Usual

There’s massive fraud going on in the Scott Walker recall petition drive but few people seem to care. It has become accepted practice for democrats to lie, cheat, steal, and break the rules and plain sight – just part of their normal operating procedure. I’m sure that if we knew the massive scale of presidential election fraud, it would surpass all of our expectations. Is it any wonder dems dont’ want voter ID cards?

On Second Thought, About That Birth Certificate . . .

First, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, liberal Democrat, said he would produce Obama’s birth certificate to shut all of those birthers up. Then he said he couldn’t find the actual long-form certificate but said he had found mention of it in the state archives. Now, we have come full circle to the Hawaii officials siting the state law that says a long-form birth certificate can’t be released without the person’s consent. Obama has spent a lot of money to keep this document under wraps, so it’s safe to say he doesn’t consent.

Someone on Obama’s team should have gotten the governor’s mind right before he started spouting off these crazy notions of transparency and the like. What was he thinking?