About That Social Security Funding Thing

I remember well when Bush tried to privatize Social Security. Democrats and liberals howled and screamed how the president was going to ruin Social Security, that there was no danger of it running out of funds for decades to come, that the whole thing was a ploy to line the pockets of Bush’s buddies on Wall Street.

What a load of crap. The democrat leaders knew perfectly well that Social Security was in trouble and they didn’t give a rip. The most important thing was that they oppose any and all of Bush’s initiatives. Running a close second was their desire to preserve Social Security as yet another democrat slush fund. Investing our money in stocks or bonds that would yield tangible results would make it that much harder for them to get their grubby little fingers on taxpayer dollars.

The only way to solve the Social Security crisis is to get some conservative leaders elected that have some testicular fortitude, that aren’t afraid to stand up to the talking heads on CBS, ABCBS, CNNBS, MSNBCBS, etc., and have the will and skill to educate the masses. A long-term, low-risk investment could provide a plump retirement cushion over 40 years. Almost anything would be preferable to the Ponzi scheme we have now.

These conservative leaders may not get veto-proof majorities but at least the American people can see that there are still some of us who are willing to do the right thing, regardless of politics. And that would be a good start on the road back from the precipice Obama has brought us to.

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