Katie Couric and Bill Maher Walk into the Ninth Circuit Court . . .

Democrats used to have the big tent party. I remember when my grandfather would say that the democrats were the party of the common man, that they looked out for regular folks. Well, Grandpa was born in 1900 and times have changed.

Today’s democrats have nothing but condescension for the common man. Bill Maher says that the people in this country are like ignorant dogs, that we don’t understand the issues, that we’re just looking for a winner. Katie Couric recently said that she was enjoying her travels among the “great unwashed” in the middle of the states.

It’s easy to sit back and laugh at these self-important dweebs but liberal contempt runs into positions of power, not just the spotlights of the media hogs. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down a portion of an Arizona law demanding people prove they are citizens and show some ID before they vote. This law was put into place legally, through a vote of the people. It was overturned by a few elites in black robes who felt that they knew better than those of us among the great unwashed.

The states’ citizens, especially those along the border, have every right to pass laws to protect themselves since Obama’s government won’t fulfill its Constitutional obligation to do so. The notion of independent thought (much less independent action) is anathema to progressives, who believe that the privileged few with their superior intellectual capacity and training must govern the thoughts and limit the choices of us common folk, since we are clearly incapable of making good decisions for ourselves.

We have to stand up and let our voice be heard at the ballot box this coming Tuesday. We have to make the first steps in shutting down the machine built by the ruling class to keep themselves in power and we the people in positions of subservience. It will take constant vigilance and holding our politicians’ feet to the fire but the time to start returning the government to the people is now.

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  1. You are kidding yourself if you think “The Ruling Class” is reserved to Democrats. You didn’t actually say that, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you fully realize both parties and every area of our government is filled with people who think they know better than the common man. And if you just listen to every day people talk you know that the country is also full of people who don’t really understand the issues and vote simply on one or two emotional issues and believe everything they hear from a primary news source that may be their only news source. You only have to listen to the negative campaign ads of desperate candidates on the left or the right to know that they think we are stupid and ignorant enough to believe their half truths and lies and vote simply on the basis of their market tested and researched campaign messages and manipulation.

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