Hawaii Governor Says Obama’s Birth Certificate Is AWOL

The clot gets a little thicker. Anyone want to guess where Daddy O’s birth certificate is if it isn’t anywhere in Hawaii’s records?

EDIT: Mike Evans, the guy in the radio segment who says Abercrombie told him he couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate, now says he misspoke. It’s about time someone got this Evans guy in line. What was he thinking?

Paul Ryan Spells It Out

Paul Ryan, R-Wisc, is now the chairman of the Congressional Budget Committee. As such, he has enough time to take the floor to point out how democrats spun the Congressional Budget Office when they said that Obamacare will amount to a cost savings.

Remember how the dems kept saying Obamacare would be less than $1 trillion? The actual projected cost is $2.6 trillion. If this freedom-grab is allowed to completely go into affect, I’m afraid the true cost will be far greater.