Strange Goings On

To quote Buffalo Springfield, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

There are reports of dead fish, dead birds, and dead bats popping up everywhere. Scientists keep telling us that these kinds of things happen from time to time but some things just don’t make any sense.

With the fish deaths in Arkansas, why were the only fish affected the drum? These fish are bottom feeders. Was there something about the stuff they were feeding on that caused the deaths? Most of the fish are have probably been eaten by scavengers, so we may never know. What happened to the blackbirds in Arkansas that caused the blood to clot in their veins without damaging their internal organs? The affected fish near Brazil and the bats in Arizona should have already migrated to different environs. Among other things, their deaths are being blamed on their failure to migrate. Why didn’t they or were they killed by something else?

I have no answers at all to these questions. I’m still trying to figure out who launched that missile airplane off the coast of California. Tell me, does this look like a jet launch to you, seriously?

I’m starting to sound like a right-wing, conspiracy-theory nut job. Whatever will people say?

2 thoughts on “Strange Goings On

    • Maybe. The article you linked to about John Wheeler’s death was interesting. It’s hard to distinguish truth from propaganda with this kind of stuff. If the answer were something simple, you would think it would have been found by now.

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