A Tale of Two Idealogies

It’s hard for me to believe people can buy into crap like this given the contradiction contained within Obama’s statement. What he’s saying is that anyone can make it in America so long as government is there to take from those who prosper and redistribute to those with their hands out. The implication, of course, is that most people are incapable of making it on their own and can only get by with the intervention of an all-powerful government. Classic fascist thinking.

Too bad this guy’s name isn’t at the top of the ticket. A politician who is actually familiar with natural rights and isn’t throwing off some line about the “Good and Plenty Clause.”

Ryan is more of a big gov’t guy than I would prefer but his video clip provides stark contrast to the choices we are facing this November. With Romney, conservatives have some chance of making their voice heard. With Obama, we have none. Bear that in mind come Nov. 6.

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