Too Late For Do-Overs

I’ve been mulling over the reasons conservatives in general and evangelical conservatives in particular decided to put their convictions on the shelf and pull the lever for Trump. Here’s a short list of Trump’s campaign promises versus the reality of his tenure in office.

Trump was rabidly anti-abortion and went so far as to suggest women who have abortions should be punished. Today, Trump’s most recent SCOTUS appointment won’t even vote to hear Planned Parenthood cases.

Trump was pro Second Amendment during his campaign and continues the rhetoric despite single-handedly deciding that bump stocks turn AR-15s into machine guns. Even Slick Willie’s assault weapons ban grandfathered in magazines that held more than 10 rounds. Trump, on the other hand, has decided that anyone who has a bump stock 90 days after his edict is a felon.

During the debates, Trump famously told Hillary she’d be in jail if he were president. What we have heard since? Crickets.

Although Trump continues to milk illegal immigrant fear mongering for all its worth, he has made extremely slow progress on filling in the gaps in the wall between the U.S. and Mexico. And that whole schtick about Mexico paying for it? Yeah, right. If there were any truth to that he wouldn’t be shutting down the government to get funding for 215 miles of fencing.

I’ll give Trump credit for taking apart the Iranian nuclear deal, which seemed more like the U.S. providing a guided path for Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb rather than any kind of preventive measure. On seemingly every other international issues, Trump is a blithering idiot. From getting played by Kim Jong Un, to siding with Russia over the FBI, to siding with the Saudis over everybody, to siding with Russia over his generals (I sense a theme), Trump has demonstrated he is completely inept on the international stage or that he has someone else’s best interests in mind, perhaps both.

And do you remember when Jeff Sessions was a conservative icon? I do but that was before he decided doing the right thing was more important than covering Trump’s butt.

Remember when the democrats went nuts over the thought of General James Mattis, Ret, serving as Secretary of Defense? Remember all the props he got from conservatives about how great he’d be? I do but Mattis has decided that Trump can’t be reasoned with and decided to get out before the administration becomes even more of a dumpster fire.

And do you remember when the GOP stood for smaller government, financial independence, a smaller national debit? I do but that was before Trump took the reigns and our debt climbed to its highest level ever. So much for his promise to eliminate the national debt in eight years.

So, in short, what did conservatives get for holding their noses and voting for Trump despite his history of chicanery? And tell me again how Trump is really better than Hillary? Because, right now, I’m just not seeing it.

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