Adopting Alinsky? Lowering the Bar on the Right

Since Obama won the White House, the most passionate debates I’ve witnessed or taken part in have not transpired with liberals, but with other conservatives.  I’ve heard this “in-fighting” described as the greatest advantage liberals have over us, accompanied by finger-shaking that we must band together at all cost.  On the contrary.  This internal strife, in fact, demonstrates the most critical element distinguishing us from the left, and we should cling to it ferociously. Continue reading

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just a Right-Wing Terrorist

Obama’s promise to “end the politics is division” was proven to be a lie quite some time back. Now we have this.

Organizing for America, Obama’s campaign/grassroots group, refers to those of us who dare to voice disapproval with the One’s agenda of socialized medicine as “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists.” If you have the guts to attend a tea party or speak your peace at a town hall meeting, you’re a member of the “anti-democratic forces of hate.” If you stand up for smaller government and more self-responsibility, then you’re a mindless robot “whipped to a frenzy” by Fox News.

It’s the typical politics of the left: demonize your enemy by attempting to reduce him to an extremist cariacture that can be easily dismissed by the public. What they fail to understand this time around is that, by and large, we ARE the public.

Stick that hope and change in your crack pipe and smoke it.