McCain vs. Giullani vs. Forrest Gump – and the winner is?

Fred Thompson hasn’t even entered the race and he is already polling ahead of Mitt Romney. That ought to tell you something.

One of the problems inherent to being a knuckle-dragging conservative is getting those long, ungainly arms up to a semi-horizontal position in order to reach the keyboard. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, complete disgust with Bush notwithstanding.

The former Republican leadership was bad enough (in the Senate, at least), but now that the Democrats have resumed control, they are rapidly making conservative observers long for the “good old days” prior to last Nov. 11.

Legislation has been introduced to raise your taxes, take away your guns, and lose the war in Iraq. (It would be tempting for me to lambast those of you who didn’t vote for your Republican congress critter last November to show your dissatisfaction with its performance, but I completely understand how you felt at the time.)

The cycle goes something like this: Dem candidates in conservative states/districts run on conservative issues. Dems get elected. Screaming liberal leaders of national Dem party beat the newly elected “conservatives” into towing the party line. Democrat majority pushes socialist laws through congress that have nothing to do with the issues their “conservative” partymates compaigned on and do not represent the will of the people. Of course, liberals know what’s good for you and you, fellow knuckle-dragger, do not. And don’t you forget it.

I fully expect Bush (President Cave) to sign any new gun control or tax hike laws that are put in front of him. The only thing he shows any sign of guts on is Iraq. If he doesn’t let the new soldiers in his surge kill people and break things like good soldiers should, he has screwed up his last-ditch effort over there to boot. Time will tell.

Here’s the skinny. Join the NRA, the GOA, the Heritage Foundation and similar conservative values groups. Buy your AR-15s and regular capacity magazines now because you might not be able to get them later. Get involved in supporting your favorite candidates for ’08. Pray that Fred Thompson decides to run (soon) or you and I will have no conservative candidate.

And a special thanks goes out to the guy at the ourkarlrove blog for reminding me why it’s important to get the conservative word out.

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