Football Tackles and the Big Beatdown

Liberals across the blogosphere seem to be standing on their high horses, knickers in a twist, that the Rev. Lennox Yearwood was “football tackled and beat” today by Capitol Hills police while innocently standing in line to get into the Petraeus briefing.

After watching the video a few times (do a youtube search), the activist reverend appears to try to push past the cop in front of him to get into the briefing room after a police man lays his hands on his shoulders from behind. Predictably, Yearwood is pushed to the ground and cops pile on. Unfortunately, during all this, his ankle is broken.

Hmmm, let me try to piece this together. Police are probably already tense knowing that protesters are going to be trying to disrupt the briefing. (Democrats made sure the event would be open to the public.) A known protester tries to rush past the aforementioned police to gain access to the briefing after being told to stay out. Protester is injured and arrested after police force him to the ground.

Police brutality! Racism! Fascism! Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Unhappily for Jackson and Sharpton, one of the first police men to stop the rev (a man of color) was black. Of course, the officer who put his hands on Yearwood’s shoulders was white, so that will probably give the race baiters some meat to throw out to their masses.

You know this kind of thing would never have happened in a more enlightened country, like Cuba (Yearwood would have been put in prison already for political dissent), Iran (Yearwood would have lost one or more of his more highly valued body parts long ago, dissuading him from further activism), or China (he would already be in jail for practicing a religion not sanctioned by the state).

Yes, America is one of the few places on Earth where political dissidents are allowed so much freedom that they come to believe it is their right to be able to make their opinions known in whatever manner they choose, wherever they choose. (Don’t you know that dissent is the highest form of patriotism? At least, under a Republican president?)

But, last I heard, disobeying the police meant you could probably be arrested, whether you are speeding down a side road or trying to rush into a room full of your duly elected congresscritters in Washington. Someone should probably alert the media.

A Democratic Underground moonbat asked “Do we live in America or East Germany?” I’ll let you decide.

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