Five Reasons Not to Vote for Obama

1. The Economy.
Obama and Biden keep lowering the thresh hold for what is considered “rich” and consequently subject to increased taxation. Obama started with a $250,000 ceiling, lowered it to $200,000 last week, and Biden recently said that those making $150,000 or less wouldn’t see increased taxes. Obama has gone on record with the San Francisco Chronicle saying that he would bankrupt the coal industry if it attempted to build new plants by using harsh cap and trade regulations. Obama has no interest in helping the economy, he wants to advance his socialist policies and damn the consequences.
2. Education.
No Child Left Behind was largely a liberal effort, since Bush let Teddy Kennedy write a large part of the bill. Liberal efforts fail, that’s just the way of the world. McCain endorses a voucher program which would allow parents to send their kids to better schools and break out of the cycle of failure caused by increased funding of failed programs.
3. Health Care.
Obama’s health care plan is vague and nebulous. He supports socialized medicine for kids, which has already been proven a failure in Hawaii. What happened? The people who were paying for the free health care decided they didn’t like paying everyone else’s way and ditched their insurance to let the gov’t provide health care for their kids, too.
4. Iraq.
The majority of the benchmarks in Iraq have been met, so the U.S. is closer than ever to getting out of there. When Bush finally decided to try something new and started pushing the surge, Obama and his fellow democrats opposed it. Obama still has trouble admitting that he was wrong about this. The clearly defined goal is to destroy the terrorists’ ability to make war on us and get Iraq back to a state that dealing with these religious nutjobs can be handed over to the Iraqis – fairly simple.
5. Palin.
She is more ready to be president than Obama is, never mind Biden. Obama has failed to release his medical records-among several other documents. He just has a doctor who vouches for his clean bill of health. How are we to know that he won’t be incapacitated due to lung cancer in a few years and Biden will be in charge? This man doesn’t know what decade he’s living in (check out the fact check on all of his lies during the vp debate)- much less how to run a country. Palin has a refreshing, conservative attitude that the country desperately needs and actually has experience as an executive.
Bonus Point – Obama Himself
Yeah, he’s a radical socialist of the first order, an unrepentant liar, etc. But he’s also completely without class, despite the aura he tries to project. Check out the video of him scratching his cheek after complementing McCain on a hard-fought campaign.

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