Divided We Will Fall

We live in interesting times. Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the free world, is drawing up strategies targeting anyone who dares raise a voice against his socialist and totalitarian policies.

Obama hasn’t called for any kind of compromise or shared vision. He tells his critics to “get out of the way.” http://tighturl.com/mnu As usual, he never goes into specifics, so you don’t know exactly who he is talking about. Maybe he is trying to tie into the mantra that the gop is somehow responsible for vocal protests at health care town halls. The gop, on a national level, is completely incapable of anything so “radical.” Such a move would surely alienate some voters somewhere and they couldn’t have that.

White House officials told their pet democrat congressmen that they will “push back twice as hard” if anyone dares run ads against elected officials who support the health care plan. http://tighturl.com/mnv The only ads which would be bought to contest this gov’t health care take over would be run by independent groups, making common American citizens Obama’s political enemies. And let’s not forget Obama’s efforts to form a truth squad to report anyone who doesn’t buy into his health care lies. http://tighturl.com/mnx

Obama now has the tactic of sending goon squads to health care town hall meetings. Kenneth Gladney was attacked by union thugs outside the town hall meeting held by Russ Carnahan, D-MO, on Aug. 6. He seemed to offend the union members by virtue of being a black man handing out Don’t Tread on Me flags. http://tighturl.com/mnz There are other stories of union thugs being let into meeting halls in advance of the public and closing down the meetings when the people ask too many questions of their “betters.” At a town hall meeting in Arkansas, union thugs were right up in people’s faces with video cameras anytime someone asked a question. They wanted to be sure you couldn’t speak out without intimidation and the fear of retaliation.

These creeps aren’t going to take my country away while I remain silent. There’s a town hall meeting in my neck of the woods in about a week and I plan to be there. I think I’ll bring a video camera of my own.

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