We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Antique Firearms

There are plenty of things Obama and his boys have done over the past week that deserves some scrutiny but this involves something near to my heart.

Imam Obama and Hillary know well and good that importing WW II semi-automatics won’t increase violent crime but they are relying on their usual tactics of fear, ignorance, and misinformation to justify their decision to keep these old guns out of the states.

You would have to jump through the usual hoops to get these weapons and they certainly aren’t in the same league as modern assault rifles.

Here are the facts:

If you buy a gun at a gun store, sporting goods store, Wal Mart, etc. you are subject to a federal background check.
These guns should be eligible for purchase through the Curio & Relic program, so C&R license holders can have them shipped straight to their doors.
C&R licensees have to go through yet more background checks to get a license and statistically have a very low incidence of gun related crime. Plus, they have to keep a record of their transactions on file at all times.

The M1 Garand weighs 10 pounds, is four feet long and feels kind of like a big, unwieldy club.
It isn’t a “high-cap” weapon unless you define “high-cap” as anything other than a single shot.
The M1 holds eight rounds and doesn’t have a removable magaine.
Being a full-size rifle, you can’t exactly tuck it under your jacket to rob the nearest Jiffy Stop.
Ammunition wasn’t as good then as it is now, so you need to be careful what kind of .30-06 ammo you use in your M1. Modern sporting rounds have higher pressures than cartridges did 70 years ago and the wrong ammunition can damage a Garand.

The M1 Carbine is quite a bit smaller than its big brother, weighing in at five pounds and 36″ in length.
It has a removable magazine holding 15 or 30 rounds.
The ammo for this gun is .30 Carbine which is darn hard to find without making a special effort to poke through specialty ammunition vendors.
When the M1 Carbine was in service, there were a number of complaints about how weak and ineffective the ammunition was.

A would be terrorist would be better served by getting a fully-automatic AK-47 on the black market. I’m sure there are a number of them available for sale on and around our southern border. Inquire at your own risk.

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